Toosii – Hey Now (Car Freestyle)

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Toosii – Hey Now (Car Freestyle lyrics

“Hey Now! (Car Freestyle)”

To the ones who believe in me, I love you, you know

Hey now, what you say now
Backpack Goyard, it was Sprayground
I done made rap a living
Believe me, I ain’t care
They should’ve seen the haters faces when they seen that I shitted
I done did it for the ones who ain’t believe in me
But you stayed down baby whatchu seen in me
Moving to a different city, switching sceneries
But I still call when I’m leaving, need yo touch
Without love you ain’t needing much
Been through a lot but I ain’t grieving much
Times got hard and I wasn’t sleeping much
And I know you hate that for me
Lie to your face, I know you hate that shorty
Every time you call me I be right there for it
Every time you done then I be right back calling
Like, still picking up the phone when the phone don’t ring
I’ll take the blame, put it all on me
You don’t trust a soul but you call on me
Every time you down then you fall on me
And I’m right there to pick you back up
First time that we linked called a black truck
Bellhop right at the desk pick the bags up for ya
Did everything that I can do for ya

And then I was thinking I probably should switch it up a little bit

Aight, come on

You don’t believe in liars
Say I add fire to fire
Way you looking at my face like I tried ya
When baby I ain’t even try ya
Let’s be real
Gotta keep it real witcha yourself before you even keep it real wit a nigga
Tell me what’s the deal wit a nigga
I be in my feelings and you still ain’t feeling a nigga

You ain’t feelin’ a nigga
You ain’t feelin’ a nigga
You ain’t feelin’ a nigga
You ain’t feelin’ a nigga

Aye broski, I ain’t gon’ lie, keep (keep) all that
I’m fuckin’ wit that
That was hard
Come on, let’s go the next one
Wait, let the beat play a little bit
Aight, come on

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