Remz – Hoods Hottest (P110)

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Remz – Hoods Hottest (P110) LYRICS

“Hoods Hottest”


All them cold nights sitting in the trap
Stacking for the spinner with a flikky on my lap
Had to whip it with the mag to turn them whips to digy dash
Got me flying OT and rags just so I can flip a pack
Young niggas living fast
Gassed cause they did the dash
White when I flick my ash
Do ’em as I aim to bring my nigga back
All them cold night in the trap
Why you think I’m in a mask
I’ve been to hell and back
Seen hella cats
Pushed hella crack
Trap me never that
I bet I make the semi slap Boom
Well if I jacked you darg then you won’t get it back
Need big whips now Teddy where the hemmies at
Run up in spots like show me where the reddies at
I’m going Trevor mad
Black suit, Men in Black
I need a half a mil stack
Looking like I push crack
Like, mic I’m a dad
Five years from now, trap suits remember that
Middle of December going mad
Tryna fill a bag
‘Member being stuck on tag
‘Member doing push-ups in a dutty pad
Always been money mad
I’ve been jail two times for the love of vans
I see them niggas getting gassed off a couple grand
I’ve got some other plans
Stack it up in rubber bands
I do the milli rock on any block nigga and the money dance
Shout out my haters in Spain and my killers in France
I got drillers in the yard and I got haters in the dam
Though we tapped em with hitters and we land
Only lions and gorillas in the gang
I got a milli in the plan
But for now I’m putting Whitney in the pan
Been a minute since I visited the fam
But I’m really getting busy with the vision and the plan
All them long days in my cell
Can’t you see I’ve been to hell
Must have been the karma for the things I sell
Meekz manny bet that name rings a bell
Flippin’ hell
Free my niggas off the prison shelf
They’re either trapping or robbing but I just wish them well
I see them olders throw their dreams down the wishing well
If you’re hitting themes on the block then don’t miss a cell
Lost a couple homies make me want to hit the relf
When Deezy died the block lost it
So when them blockers lost Migs I could relate that’s real shit
Gotta make it out quick
Show ’em how we live
I need labels and cribs that’s why I’m saving up quids
Got me blazing up spliffs with no cig
Could live fast and you can go quick
Prob’ly got to lose your homie just to know it’s crazy how the time goes quick
And when I’m on my grind I make the line go sick
Th’mount of times I made a white O flip
Had me out in rims for all my white, Oh shit
Pull up on your bitch and make her bag the whole brick
Like, when I’m OT darg gotta stay focused
Couple kitties rag off with some pennies so we don’t tick
End up burning gaffs and starting leaving them homeless
Cah I’m round fiends with no teeth and bare smokers
Semi-autos and revolvers
Never show fear but show respect to my olders

Can’t stop, won’t stop
Grinding till the phone’s off
Tryna break a whole box
Can’t rest, won’t rest
Grinding till the phone’s dead
Tryna break a whole keg
Came along way from Heath court and all that
Real niggas take that shit to the grave with em
Can’t steal my shine like Fabian

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