Kodak Black – Kutthroat Barbie

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Multi talented and skilled singer and songwriter, Kodak Black has released yet another brand new single which is titled “Kutthroat Barbie” and is readily available for free Mp3, zip Download.

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Kodak Black – Kutthroat Barbie LYRICS

“Kutthroat Barbie”

Bae, you gon’ have to decide if you can handle bein’ with a thug nigga like me
Know as far as my lifestyle, I try keep certain lil’ shit away from you
But you gon’ have to be a big girl and hold a nigga down, no matter what
It’s never gon’ be easy cheffin’ with a nigga who love the streets
Times I can’t be reached
I’m out handlin’ shit that need to be dealt with, no questions asked
But at the end of the day, I’m all ’bout my money and I love you
I know you love me
This for you

I’m sendin’ tucci to the feds like I’m FedEx
I’m tryna push up, tryna have you on bedrest
I be wantin’ to spend time, but I don’t find the time to
I’m tryna hide you where nobody can find you
Pull up to the studio, I’m tryna fuck somethin’
I’m steady ridin’ ’round strapped, I’m tryna bust somethin’
Any rapper jump in your DMs, bae, just know it’s smoke
These bitches hatin’, they see my love for you way different
We by ourselves, nobody else, not even the gang with me
For you, I’d cross over the sea, you where I wanna be
Every time we freak, you have my sheets like the Muckalee
You ain’t gon’ keep out the trenches, bae, so stop trippin’
I’m never puttin’ down my fire, so don’t even try
I be booted out my eyes, send niggas to the sky
You gon’ have to put up with my guys, bae, this my life
Pop mollies
I’m in the ‘yo with Rock Gotti
Golden Acres projects
Right now, it’s a block party
I don’t even drive the ‘Rari
I’m in a bulletproof Caddy, rather safe than sorry
Even though these niggas ain’t gon’ play
They know I’m dingy, I be steppin’ everyday
Any nigga jump in your DM, make sure you tell me, bae
‘Cause you my cutthroat Barbie
I had you layin’ at a party for a nigga drop
I know you ridin’ without a doubt, you doin’ shit you never did before
So ’bout this love, I swear to God, I’ma tear the city up
Let’s start a business up
We slide, you got my glizzy tucked
In your purse, you hold my Percs, you been through worse, you need a Bentley truck for that
I know it’s other hoes out here, but bae, you everything for Yak
No matter what we go through, you promise this shit forever stay intact
At the baby shower for your people, knew right there when I seen you, it’s gon’ be you and me next
I started roundin’ up my pieces and bust you down a piece, hope these credit cards gleesin’
I was watchin’ you dance, it’s your walk, it’s your stance, you make all this look easy
You break me down to my knees, turn my pawn to a queen, turn my pawn to a queen, yeah
I’m a real king
Turn my pawn to a queen
You bring me down to my knees
Turn my pawn to a queen

Cutthroat Barbie, you

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